Saturday, January 07, 2006

Way to go, Kiwis!

Indian cricket board must be wondering how on earth their NZ counterparts had the gumption to drop Nathan Astle, arguably NZ's best one day player, immediately after his match-winning innings. Here in India, Ganguly was not supposed to be dropped after he made two labourious innings of 30s in each innings! Of course, the stakes are different. Ganguly had every Bannerjee, Chatterjee and Mukherjee ready to go on an arson if he were not selected. The cricket board itself was seen as biased towards him (not that I can convincingly say they were not!). But NZ, Aus show how to be ruthless when it comes to handling your senior players...if they do not deserve to be in the team, then they should not be.

Yesterday'z blabbering by Indian team manager, the man who cant control his tongue, Raj Singh Dungarpur, just shows how improbable it is that Ganguly will be comfortable in the Indian dressing room. This to me indicates that this all going only one way....the Nayan Mongia way, where Ganguly will not be taken into the team on one pretext or the other. Only things that may save Ganguly is that he'z a much stronger man, and the Bannerjee's, Chatterjee's and Mukherjee's!

Your way is the best for you, but that is no sign that it is the best for others.
-Swami Vivekananda

Huge, but still not breakable!

The largest known prime number has just become just more than a million digits! If itz mind boggling to visualize a 9.1 million digit number, itz all the more exciting to know that the gigantic number cannot be divided by any other number! Itz just beyond my comprehension....How awesome can be nature be! Of course, I'm no good at maths, and as I alwayz say "Fools admire, those who understand appreciate, me of sense approve" :)

Renounce the lower so that you may get the higher.

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