Monday, November 21, 2005

Remixing time???

Let me begin this blog with a confession, at the cost of sounding old fashioned - I hate remixes. I'm appalled by the sheer numbers by which remixed albums are been churned out. However, even with with an anti-remix bias, two recent remixes that I happened to hear/see over the weekend still have me in awe.

Now, whoever can think of remixing a class song like Yaara Silli Silli - a gem of a song sung by the nightingale herself - and with more than a touch of sadness in it. Well, as it turns out, somebody has thought about it! And I was cursed to tune into Radio City the same time this song was playing.

Well, how about the song Dhafliwaale dhafli baja from the movie Sargam? One of the hits of its time, I happened to watch a crude and suggestive remix of this on TV. The only difference is that the director took the liberty to replace the dhafli (a kind of drum) with the butts of a shabbily clad dancer. I guess Laxmikanthji would be turning in his grave and Pyarelalji would be waiting for his turn!

There is only one remix song that I have liked till now - the remix of the Vishnuvardhan-Dwarkeesh song kAlavannu taDiyoru yAroo illa - in the Kannada movie Apthamitra. This was one remix that was done well, and extremely enjoyable, especially on the big screen.

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- Shakespeare

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