Sunday, November 20, 2005

Back in blogosphere

Itz been a long long time since I rocked and rolled, and I blogged! Well, the hibernation was induced by a combo of various factor - frequent connectivity disruptions, personal issues taking more time, etc.

But I did not miss any of the fantastic activity that was happening in the Indian blogosphere last month when Indian bloggers took on IIPM. The complete coverage can be had at Wikipedia! I cant think of how IIPM or itz great visionary Chaudhari can get out of this dirt. Bravo bloggers! This is probably the first expose of Indian bloggers, and I'm sure will go down in history as a path-breaking expose of an active community that did not get bogged down.

At the cost of repeating what other bloggers have said, blogs will never be an alternate for mainstream media. There may even be anti-climactic ends - like Nimish Advani. However, the IIPM expose has shown the power of the community.

Let us fear to negotiate, but let us not negotiate out of fear.

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