Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Is it ethical to make make your child deaf?

A very thought-provoking article in today's Independent on the right of a deaf couple to have a deaf child throgh IVF treatment. I'm astounded by this question: Can a deaf couple decide that they want the child to be deaf? Have we not been told since ages that deafness is a disability? If, as the couple argues, it is on the same lines as been mentally retarded, can a parent then choose to have a mentally retarded child? Is it really as simple, and as equivalent, as been Jewish or black?

The jury, in my mind, is still out on that.

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...and that article is pretty ghastly!
I sincerely believe that irregardless of how you are born you should accept you child as he is born, deaf or not deaf, blind or not blind. That is taking away from the child just for the sake of your own vanity.

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