Sunday, March 28, 2004

Welcome to the global world, Libya!

Libya suddeenly seems to be in the good books of the western powers. Of course, the presence of oil resources there is no coincidence. Gaddhafi was smart enuff to see the salivation in the mouths of US and UK, and smartly decommisioned his nuclear weapons program, "dismantled" his support to the terror network. Tony Blair of course worked over-time to get Libya out of sanctions, and now he is expecting the rewards for it. As rediff reports, lucrative contracts are in the offing for UK.

When everything's coming your way, you're in the wrong lane.

Yet more western hyprocrisy

MV Kamath has written a strong article on how the western world not just turned a blind eye, but also contributed to Pak's nuclear program. No wonder America was eager to accept Musharraf's pardon of AQKhan! Shows the kind of stooge organisations the IAEA, UN, Security Council, etc are.

Another glaring case of westerm arm-twisting of third-world countries is the case of World Bank and IMF. As this rediff article points out, presidency of the World Bank alwayz goes to an American, while the post of IMF managing director alwayz goes to an European! Itz time the thrid world countries assert their right over these institutions.

Another American demand now is to "open" the Indian market, as a counter-measure to allow free outsourcing to India. America is more interested in India opening up itz agricultural mkt. I wonder why the Indian govt does not bring out statistics to show the amount of subsidy the US govt provides for itz farmers. US govt doled out - hold ur breath - $10 bn in agricultiral subsidies in yesr 2000. And, as this YellowTimes article pointed out, this share will grow in the coming decade, courtesy Bush's Farm Bill.

Smoking helps you lose weight ... one lung at a time!

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Islam and democracy

America claimed that via Iraq they wud demonstrate to the Islamic world how to govern by democracy. Iraq was supposed to be the model democratic country. By this time, America wud've realised that democracy in Islamic nations would mean more anti-American sentiments and more fundamentalism.

This is in sync with Vajpayee had said in the aftermath of the Gujarat riots - that Muslims everywhere r problem-mongers. Be it in Indoanesia, China, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Egypt, Somalia, Bosnia, France, Spain.....any place with considerable Muslim population is having trouble from them. This may not be a politically correct statement to make for the PM of India or President of America, but then this is the fact. Tomorrow if Saudi Arabia turns into a democratic country, it wud be one of the biggest anti-American states!

Earlier a person used to go to some dense forest of Himalaya to detach from family, friends and relatives. Now he joins software profession.

Major non-NATO ally

As one Indologist (I forgot his name) had said, there seems to be no end to American foolishness when it comes to foriegn policy. If the short-sighted policies of Carter in the 80's are directly responsible for 9/11 and other threats from Al-Qaeda, no lesson seems to be learnt from these still. America's decision to make Pakistan a major non-NATO ally just proves this. While I do agree that America has an interest in appeasing Pakistan, I wud still hold that America's appeasement is crosing limits where it would come back to hurt it later, as had already happned. Another case of not learning from history.

As for India, Powell was visiting India just before he visited Pak, and he did not have the courtesy to intimate India of this decision. This was the most unkindest cut of all. While Indian reaction is quite low-key considering the let down this is, American actions after this is further disgusting. America is treating India as a nuisance that it cannot ignore.

Itz unfortunate that today we are living in a uni-polar world and the world leader is a short-sighted, imperialistic super power :-(

Anybody going slower than you is an idiot. And anyone going faster is a maniac.

Sunday, March 14, 2004

What a match!!!

A historic series, and a historic match to start it! What a game this turned out to be. I had to pay $200 to watch this series, but looks like I've had full paisa vasool right after the first match ;-) This was definitely one of the best matches I've seen. With 7 friends joining me at home to see the match, we had a great time watching the game at unearthly hrs!

This match had all the ingredients that make interesting cricket......good bowling was definitely not one among them! Pak bowling was highly indisciplined (and we had great laughs at itz expense!) and although India bowling was below average, it was made to look more sillier by some great shot-making by Inzy and Youhana.

The highlights of the match:
The reception given by the crowd when Tendulkar and Sehwag trodded in.
Shoaib and Sami bowling in tandem, each at 90+ miles
The comedy of errors that Naved's first over was ;-)
Sehwag's wonderful stroke-making (this guy is becoming more consistent with time!)
Dravid's innings, which I termed a "silent killer" (99 in 103 balls, with absolutely no slogging). This man is slowly turning out to be the Bevan of India!
Dravid's rection after been dismissed for a silly delivery - it showed genuine disappointment on missing out a century. This guy has not scrored a century in last 100+ matches - although he has been the best form in those 100+ matches than ever before in his carrer!
Balaji's good opening spell, and also a very good spell at death - he was the only one who cud bowl consistently on the block. Nehra's attempts to bowl yorkers were ridiculous, 100% off them turned out to be full-toss!
Inzy's innings - this will definitely be considered one of the best ever played. Sad that it turned out to be a loosing effort.

All said and done, I guess Pak deserved to win the match. And the last ball that Nehra bowled to Moin had a six written all over it. It was no different from the ball Chetan Sharma bowled to Miandad....just that Nehra was plain lucky. although he did bowl well in the other 5 balls that over!

Hope the series continues in the same high, played in the same spirit, and entertains equally!

Whether a thorn falls on the rose or the rose on a thorn, its the rose that gets hurt.

Article 370

Arvind Lavakare has written a nice article on some of the effects of Article 370. Although this may not be the right time to talk of revoking this law, this is something that needs to be pursued - not for the sake of India's integrity as RSS wud want us to believe - but for the sake of J&K's progress. This wud be a serious impediment in the development of J&K economy, and both the country as well as the state are better-off w/o this.

Empty vessels make more noise.

Thursday, March 11, 2004


Obesity is set to be the No. 1 killer in America! And currently itz smoking. Shows the importance of lifestyle in the existing times, and how bad lifestyle is affecting the society.

Man can now fly in sky like bird, swim in sea like fish, but cannot live on land like man.
-S Radhakrishnan

Indian cricket team in Pak

Balwinder Sandhu has some interesting comments on his experience in Pak. Shows the joke that the game in Pak was before "neutral" umpires were introduced.

Whether a thorn falls on the rose or the rose on a thorn, its the rose that gets hurt.

Monday, March 08, 2004

Tashkent agreement

I used to consider the tashkent agreement as one of the biggest give-aways of India. I remember reading reports that Indian army had occupied till Lahore during the 1966 war. That being the case, why did India withdrwa the troops back, and in turn missed an opportunity to take back POK???

One contrary view here by a retired IAS officer who served in Prime Minister Shastri’s secretariat. Either Shastri was too optimistic about future friendly relationship with Pak, or he got duped by Ayub Khan's farce of "a sincere friend of our country". One more reason to doubt the current Indo-Pak peace process :-(

As you sow, so you reap.

Death of secularism

A good article in IE -
Is secularism dying?. Looking back, Khilafat movement seems to be the first mistake of the Mahatma. But wud not supporting the Khilafat movement brought more differences b/w Hindus and Muslims??? May be, but I guess that shud in no way mean one shud appease the community hoping that they will leave with us in cordiality. If they cannot see sense and leave in cordiality, they dont deserve to.

Accept that some days you are the pigeon and some days the statue!

Value of life

It is amazing how an incident like the Baltimore boat capsize makes headline news. Itz refreshing to see for someone from a place like India where if 30-40 ppl drown, itz just relegated to the bak pages of the newspapers and gets a passing mention in the TV news. I had commented in a previous post that the war on Iraq seems to make Americans more impervious to loss if lives. However, reactions to tragedies like Baltimore makes one feel more assured on this.

Tell me what you need, and I'll tell you how to get along without it.

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